Group vision & strategy

Our mission is to be the world leader in CAD* / CAE* / CAM* software products for the construction industry.

We will reach this objective with continued innovation in products and services that automate work and improve construction industry productivity.

With significant investment in R&D, we have developed a BIM (Building information Modeling) technology that features a rules based secure synchronized process between CAD and Analysis.

This ensures continuous and correct project communication up and downstream from design to construction to substantially reduce turnaround time and potential errors.

The highly technical nature of the ongoing development requires significant resources that few organizations can provide. GRAITEC's world class technology platform is supported by a regional service network and product specification specialists that ensure conformity to local market requirements.

Growing to ensure
long-term stability

The development and implementation of our solutions involve massive research and Development teams and infrastructures, which could not be deployed without having an international scope.
This international deployment is accompanied by a development policy of regional agencies. Supported by a group of major investors, GRAITEC is expanding with internal growth and external acquisitions.
The Group currently owns 14 subsidiaries and collaborates with a growing network of over 40 resellers.

Innovating for increased productivity
in structural design and construction

Innovation is the essence of the GRAITEC Group. In all construction sectors, GRAITEC deploys solutions that improve the design process of its clients providing a BIM system that automates the design process. Today, with technologies such as "Dynamic reinforcement®", "Quick Connect®" and "GTC®", we provide new generation parametric tools where the engineer and detailer co-create a project in a collaborative environment.

Investing in people
for continued Group development and user satisfaction

To offer these services, GRAITEC has 260 experienced staff of which more than half are experts in the construction industry.
Our field experienced personnel and their industry involvement are the key to quickly providing truly usable innovative technology solutions.

Collaborating with users to improve
their technology tools and word methods

We offer a true turnkey solution to improve the structural construction industry. We systematically work with our customers to determine the best feasible strategy for deploying our solutions in their organization.
By progressive phase-in of new technology, all users rapidly benefit from the new software. We provide posttraining technical support and coaching to accompany users during every step of their projects.
In addition, our engineering service can help with design on customer projects and our R&D team can create specific tools adapted to individual requirements. Finally, with our international network, we can help users with their international projects.

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