GRAITEC offers a complete range of services to maximize clients' use of our software

Profesional Training

To help users become operational fast and get the best return from their investment, we have put in place certified training programs that are adapted to each user's needs. In these hands-on sessions the software can be configured to specific needs, users explore the software functions and tools, design and model real structures, interact with other users, etc. There are two types of training provided: standard classroom training or customized training.

Technical support

Help with projects, consulting, troubleshooting, etc. We offer the services to support day to day operations with our software. Our tech support involves:

  • Help with general use of our software.
  • Help with unusual structures.
  • Communicating information to users on new software functionality.
  • Forwarding various user comments, suggestions and requests to the Graitec research and Development department for future versions of the software.

Cad / Design projects

Our experience in software development has lead us to create an Engineering unit dedicated to assisting clients in their modeling / engineering projects.

The Engineering unit offers three major services:

  • Complete or partial sub-contracting of CAD and design projects
  • Consulting and expertise
  • Help with initial projects to mitigate risk

We offer engineering expertise in complex areas such as non-linear analysis, dynamic calculations (seismic and temporal), or the study of structural behavior to generalized-buckling. The CAD projects unit has detailers that can help on projects with very short timelines.

Custom software development

Certain clients work in specific areas and want to improve their productivity by having a tool specifically created for their needs.

Graitec has a thorough understanding and extensive experience in CAD/Design software development since 1986. We can develop specific software solutions for individual clients. The customized developments performed by the group can include:

  • Adapting Graitec software to meet specific requirements
  • Developing applications for AutoCAD® (Graitec is an ADN* member since 1997)
  • Developing new software solutions

         *ADN: Autodesk Developer Network

Graitec Advantage is a complete support package.

Graitec Advantage (Maintenance) includes:

  • Technical support
  • Post-training coaching by webconferencing
  • Help with adapting drawing styles (Autodesk Advance Steel)
  • Special rates for training seminars
  • Latest software versions
  • Direct download of updates from the internet

Available in most countries, the Web Advantage website completes the Graitec Advantage package.

Accessible with password protection, Web advantage includes:

  • Real-time information on products: news, new versions, release dates, etc.
  • Access to frequently asked questions (FAQ) organized by product and subject (users can set their preferences)
  • Access to e-support
  • Access to the Graitec discussion forum

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