Manchester Road Bridge, Bradford, UK

A 140 km steel footbridge with a 65 m ramp. Supported on vertical columns, one of which was a central feature due to forming an illuminated peak above the bridge. The bridge was fabricated in nine sections, with the ramp being fabricated in five sections. Sections were joined using temporary splices initially, which were replaced by welded butt joints during installation.

„Using Advance Steel gave my colleagues and I a means to generate a model and associated detail drawings, of a complex structure which we would not have been able to complete using AutoCAD alone. Particularly to the level of accuracy that was achieved.” – Andrew Pont, Draughtsman, Briton Fabricators Ltd

  • Project location: Bradford, UK
  • Software used: Advance Steel
  • Design Office: Briton Fabricators Ltd
  • Main Contractor: Eric Wright Civil Engineering Ltd
  • Designer/Architect: Bradford Metropolitan District Council

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