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Our Technical Team Manager, Eng. Irina COJOCARU, picked her Top 5 Favorites tools


Everyone has their favorites so we thought we would list our TOP 5 tools from within our own PowerPack.

Whilst we love all our children in the PowerPack for Revit, there are some that are just so "cool" and useful they stand out from the crowd.

All our APPS are available to purchase or try before you buy by the following method:

Whilst we would encourage everyone to purchase these tools and use them every day for your Revit Projects, it is worth nothing that IF YOU ARE A GRAITEC CUSTOMER with a CURRENT subscription contract for the following products:

  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk AEC Industry Collection

Then you receive the PowerPack updated for each new Autodesk release for the entire time you are subscribed with GRAITEC... No catch... No additional payment... At GRAITEC we SUPPORT you to do your job!


Tool 1 - 3D CAD to RFA
Tool 2 - Family Manager
Tool 3 - Link to Excel (bi-directional)
Tool 4 - Pipe Openings
Tool 5 - Legends

Each mont we will pull a WINNER from those who have voted

We love to hear from our customers! Yours not listed? Write yours here.

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