Since 1986, GRAITEC has provided to over 50 000 worldwide users high performance CAD and engineering software for structural building construction with a continued commitment to exceed the industry's creative design and quality requirements.

About us

With the launch of Advance Concrete in 2001, Advance Steel at the end of 2002 and Advance Design in 2005, GRAITEC became the only software provider in the world offering a complete suite of integrated design and detailing solutions for the reinforced concrete, timber and steel construction industries.

GRAITEC provides cutting edge technology solutions improving customers' business activities and design processes. Our innovative BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology automatically dramatically increases user productivity and safety thanks to automation, embedded design and control procedures. Through its capacity of exchanging smart data, GRAITEC Structural BIM Solution also highly facilitates collaboration between construction design, engineering and building professionals for faster, smarter and more effective communication.

With an experienced and professional R&D group, GRAITEC develops 100% of its software and retains control of the entire development cycle.


Benefits include:

  • A constant and sustained development life cycle of products.
  • A global and powerful solution dealing with Structural Modeling, Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing for steel and concrete structures.
  • A flexible architecture allowing the software to run on the "standard" AutoCAD® platform or on its own graphics engine.
  • A simple user-friendly interface.


Founder & President of the GRAITEC Group

Our software has achieved tremendous success in Europe and North America and GRAITEC ranks as the 2nd largest independent European software provider for Engineering and Construction applications.

Currently, GRAITEC operates through 14 wholly owned companies and a growing network of more than 50 Value Added Resellers, offering the services of a strong global organization.


  • Francis Guillemard founded GRAITEC with the vision to provide engineering Design Offices with software solutions featuring interactive graphical user interfaces.

  • Launch of 3 design software: Effel (Finite Element Analysis software for concrete, steel and timber), Arche (building simulation and automated detailing software for concrete building) and Melody (2D Steel frame analysis software that features automatic connection design and drawing creation).

    Success of these launches allows GRAITEC to become the French market leader.

  • Creation of GRAITEC Romania

  • First external Capital investment in GRAITEC (Capital Ventures)

  • Creation of GRAITEC Inc. in Canada

    Launch of Autodesk Advance Concrete, an advanced solution for reinforced concrete modeling and detailing in AutoCAD®

    GRAITEC becomes UAR (Autodesk Unique Application reseller)

  • Acquisition of DSC CAD/CAM-Technologien GmbH in Germany. HyperSteel software (Steel Modeling and Detailing) serves as the technical platform in the development of Advance Steel

    GRAITEC SA becomes the operational holding company.

    Creation of GRAITEC SARL in France

    Launch of Advance Steel, a high end steel modeling and detailing system in AutoCAD®

  • Creation of GRAITEC USA Inc. in Boston

    Acquisition of AB Studio spol. s.r.o. (later renamed Graitec s.r.o.) in the Czech republic and expansion of the GRAITEC Suite with CADKON (Architecture and MEP solution on AutoCAD®)

  • Agreements with additional distribution partnerships in Russia and Poland.

  • New investors join the Group: Capital increase

    Launch of Advance Design, a new generation structural analysis software

    Agreement with a new distribution partner in China

  • DSC CAD/CAM-Technologien GmbH becomes GRAITEC GmbH

    New partnerships in Europe (Baltic Countries, etc.), in Asia (Philippines, South Korea, etc.) and first customers in Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, etc.)

  • Acquisition of Adris Ltd. in the UK and expansion of the GRAITEC Suite with MILLERCAD (Office layout design)

    Acquisition of CivilDesign Inc. in Canada and expansion of the GRAITEC Suite with VisualDesign (Finite Element Analysis software for concrete, steel and timber)

  • Acquisition of CSI (Computer Service im Ingenieurbau GmbH) in Germany and expansion of GRAITEC suite with CS Statik (static analysis and design) and CS Pons (bridge calculation).

    Acquisition of Integer Ltd. in United-Kingdom and expansion of GRAITEC suite with SuperSUITE (steel and concrete design for buildings and bridges).

    Acquisition of @bc service, a major reseller of CAD solutions for steel construction in France , and creation of a CAD department dedicated to steel construction

    Agreements with additional distribution partnerships in India, South Africa, Brazil.

  • Strong development in Asia Pacific area with new distribution agreements signed in China, Malaysia / Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and in Europe in Slovenia, Hungary, Netherlands and in Serbia.

    Creation of GRAITEC CJSC, in Russia in partnership with GRAITEC partner/reseller INFARS

    Integer Software Ltd. becomes GRAITEC UK

    Merger between CivilDesign and GRAITEC Inc. to become one single company: GRAITEC Inc dedicated to the Canadian market

    Creation of YellowCAD France, for offering a CAD alternative solution on the French market

  • New partnerships in Serbia and Croatia and in the USA with the signature of 10 new partnerships

    Creation of GRAITEC Asia Pacific in Singapore to manage and support the VARs located in this area

  • Merger of CSI and GRAITEC GmbH to become one single company: GRAITEC GmbH. New common headquarters in Essen

    Acquisition of Trepcad GmbH by Graitec GmbH and extension of the Graitec Suite with Trepcad's software for staircase construction

    New partnerships in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea

    Acquisition of Graitec s.r.l. in Italy

  • GRAITEC celebrates its 25th anniversary as a leading software developer for CAD and structural analysis solutions.

    GRAITEC Advance 2012 offers CAD platform freedom to Advance Steel customers, implements latest European standards (Eurocode 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8), American standards ACI (for reinforced concrete) and AISC (for steel construction).

    New agreements signed in India and in the USA

    Opening of a new office in the United Kindgom

  • Merger of GRAITEC GmbH and TREPCAD GmbH in Germany

    GRAITEC Advance 2013 offers CAD platform freedom to Autodesk Advance Concrete customers.

    Opening of a new office in California, USA

    GRAITEC SA and Autodesk Inc. finalize a definitive share purchase agreement regarding Advance Steel and Autodesk Advance Concrete.


    GRAITEC INNOVATION SAS signs 3 ISV agreements with Autodesk for worldwide distribution of Advance Steel and Autodesk Advance Concrete

  • GRAITEC moves to building energy performance with acquisition of HPC-SA & Thermal Simulation software ArchiWIZARD

    GRAITEC strengthens Autodesk partnership with the acquisition of Robobat Polska (Poland)

    GRAITEC acquires ERA3 (Italy) strengthening its dominance in the steel fabrication market with a new MIS solution

    GRAITEC set to dominate the UK BIM market with strategic acquisition of MicroCAD, another strong UK Autodesk Gold Reseller

    GRAITEC launches PowerPack, productivity tools for Autodesk Advance Steel

  • GRAITEC ships Advance 2016 software and launches two new products

    GRAITEC ships PowerPack 2016 for Advance Steel 2016

    GRAITEC launches PowerPack for Revit®

    GRAITEC launches NEW Steel Fabrication Management Software, Advance Workshop

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