Rebar Visibility

Instant access to visibility states


Setting the elements’ visibility status inside Autodesk Revit can be quite time-consuming. For rebar, the process implies selecting every bar or set and setting a visibility state for each view.

To aid this feature and increase productivity, the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers introduce the Rebar Visibility control, which allows the user to switch between visibility settings and display methods in a quick and simple manner with just a few clicks in one command.

Note:  The Rebar Visibility command is only available for 3D views.


The 3D solid option, applied for reinforcement, displays its true volumetric representation when the view level of detail is set to Fine. The Obscured (hide rebar) option, applied for reinforcement, displays the rebar so that it will not be obscured by other elements and remain visible in front of all obscuring elements.

These settings are applicable for the fine level of detail, and can be used in a very practical manner for the active view or for the whole project.

Once the visibility state is defined, the user can at any time change the status to whatever combination suits him best.

Select the elements to reveal or simply show all reinforcement in the active view.

Consider a model where the reinforcement bars are hidden by the concrete from the host element. Run the Rebar Visibility tool once to change the display status of ALL reinforcement bars in the active view or in the entire project in one single step. Changing the state of the active view will cause the active 3D view to show the reinforcement bars as lines.

Users can display only SOME of the reinforcement bars as 3D solids, leaving the rest of the model unaffected. This is possible through the filtered or individual selection of reinforcement, resulting in the display of bars from a specific host type as 3D solids across the entire model.

Visibility Options

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