Rebar in Element

Duplicate reinforcement cages for similar structural elements


Often, copying reinforcement from one concrete element to another of the same or similar type can be hit and miss as the copy command does not always find the host element. Added to thefact that the Mark number is not transferred with the cage this requires additional inputby the user.

The tools in the Rebar in Element group from the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers are designed to increase productivity when working with identical or similar host elements that need to be reinforced/already have reinforcement assigned to them. The Copy Rebar and Delete Rebar commands can be easily applied to obtain a different number of similar reinforcement cages.

Copy reinforcement to different cross-sections

Copy Rebar duplicates the entire reinforcement of an element to an identical or similar element that has no reinforcement assigned to it. The reinforcement cage can be copied it its entirety or, if desired, certain elements can be excluded from the selection.

The entire reinforcement cage can be copied to one or more elements at a time, even if the host element is rotated or, in a column’s case, slanted, and not vertical. The copied rebar will be assigned to the new element and rotated automatically into the position of the new target host.

Exploded, isolated, split or united rebar sets are kept when copying the original rebar set to the other hosts.

The tool can also be applied to create a similar reinforcement cage to a cross section that has different dimensions than the source. The reinforcement sets are automatically adjusted to the size of the new host element and assigned new rebar numbers in order to preserve accuracy in the schedules.

Delete the entire rebar cage of an element

The reverse command of Copy Rebar is Delete Rebar, which offers the possibility to delete the entire reinforcement of the selected host element or certain parts of it. The command can be applied to one or more objects at a time (single or multiple selections). It is also possible to exclude one or more bars from the selection that is to be deleted.

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