Calculation Reports

Configure, generate and customize detailed design reports


The Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers ribbon includes a dedicated section for configuring and generating engineers design reports.

The content of each design report depends on the country specific template chosen and can be configured by the user. A fully comprehensive design report describes the theoretical formulas and values used in the calculation process according to the country settings selected, and includes the final results and work ratios for each verification.

The available reports have been adapted to, and are based on both European wide and North American design codes.

     Design reports can be exported to either PDF or DOC format for easy sharing.

The built-in ReportViewer allows the obtained calculation notes to be viewed without exporting them to one of the above formats. The “Preview” command opens the corresponding report (standard or detailed) for the selected element in ReportViewer.

Advanced users can use the “Designer” icon to open the Report Designer tool to customize, create and save new types of reports.

Design reports are quickly configurable for each type of reinforced concrete element by selecting the chapters to be included in the report from a list of available items:

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